• Jabra customers will receive 1 free Evolve 40 or Evolve 65 or VXi VR11 or VR 12 headset with every 10 units purchased.
  • Evolve 65 with charging stand is not eligible for this promotion.
  • Purchases must be 10 units of entirely Evolve 40 or Evolve 65 or VR11 or VR12. Sorry, no mixing and matching allowed.
  • Free headsets will be the same variant (Mono or Stereo, UC or MS version) as the headsets purchased. For example, a purchase of 10 Evolve 40 Stereo UC headsets will be eligible for 1 free Evolve 40 Stereo UC.


  • This promotion is available to customers at the discretion of Jabra to approve from July 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017. Or while supplies last.
  • All Jabra purchases must occur on or before September 30, 2017. Claims must be received by October 16, 2017 and after that date will not be fulfilled, no exceptions.


  • This promotion is available to Jabra customers in the United States and Canada at the discretion of Jabra to approve.
  • Customers may purchase Jabra products from either www.jabra.com or an authorized reseller during the specified promotion timeframe.
  • To claim the free product, customer must submit a proof of purchase (i.e., invoice or sales receipt) listing the eligible products, purchase amount and purchase date on or before September 30, 2017 via the claim form.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other active Jabra offers.


  • The free Jabra products will be shipped to a single address indicated on the original invoice. Please allow 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment.


  • Jabra reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time and for any reason without notice.
  • Jabra products are strictly not for resale.
  • This promotion is the exclusive property of Jabra and any use by unauthorized parties without the expressed and written consent by Jabra is prohibited.
  • Jabra will only allow returns for claims of ”Out of Box Failure”.
  • By participating in this promotion you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.