Evolve the way you work

Jabra EVOLVE™ - more than headsets, a workplace evolution.

Listen to the difference with
Jabra noise cancellation

  1. No headset
  2. Passive noise cancellation
  3. Active noise cancellation

Music and voice

Jabra EVOLVE™ world-class microphone and speakers enable you to be in voice-based collaboration or listen to music. Your choice.


Knowledge workers handle 85% of calls at their desk.
With Jabra EVOLVE, you can take calls wherever you are – or disconnect and enjoy a moment of silence.


More than 50% of knowledge workers are allowed to work from home – only 6% do it.
With Jabra EVOLVE, you can be equally productive from home.


It takes the average person 23 minutes to refocus after being interrupted at work.
With Jabra EVOLVE you get better concentration. Greater productivity.

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