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Flexible Teaching
Virtual Learning
We’re excited for what this technology means for teachers, and how it allows them to seamlessly, and more meaningfully connect with remote students.
Joe Binswanger
Director of Information Technology, Sarasota County Schools
It speaks volumes that we could set up 2,500 Jabra cameras and speakerphones seamlessly in such a short period of time.
Jamal Guiler
System Administrator, Sarasota County Schools
The Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak are the connection between what is happening in the school classroom and the at-home classroom.
Aurangzeb Khan
Senior Vice President, Jabra
Carnegie Mellon University needed the latest in video camera technology to seamlessly connect and create cohesion among our various campuses in Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh and Dubai, for example. PanaCast lets me clearly see each of my classrooms on the same screen. My students are 10 times more engaged. PanaCast lets someone be seen ...
Stuart Evans
Distinguished Service Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

The new classroom setup in 3 easy steps

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Jabra for education

Reinvent the classroom.


Class is still in session.

For many teachers around the world, the flexibility to deliver effective learning under unusual circumstances is key. And with many schools around the world currently unable to operate in the usual way, the traditional classroom setup is being redefined. Tried-and-trusted teaching methods become much more difficult when teachers have to stay seated at their desks, and with many relying on their laptop’s inbuilt audio and video capabilities, lesson quality can suffer too.

With Jabra devices, teachers can reclaim their classroom space. Jabra PanaCast uses three 13-megapixel cameras to create a full 180° wall-to-wall view of the classroom, freeing teachers from their desks and allowing them to walk around, write on the whiteboard and use their learning aids, just like they usually would. And with our range of world-leading audio devices to suit every setup – including the world-leading professional-grade headsets in our Evolve Series, and the outstanding seamless 2-way audio of our Jabra Speak 750 – students won’t miss a thing.

Jabra keeps the learning going.


Take the classroom home.

Teaching from a classroom isn’t always possible right now. With many teachers currently delivering lessons from whatever space they have available, flexibility is essential.

With Jabra, teachers can select the products that best support their teaching style, wherever they happen to be. With the increased mobility that Jabra products bring to the table, teachers can simply pick up their PanaCast and their Speak 750, or their Evolve headset, and take it with them to the next classroom – or even home – without worrying about compromising on lesson quality. Jabra has a wide range of wireless options, as well as lightweight and portable wired solutions, with easy plug-and-play functionality across the board – so whatever the requirements, we’ve got the perfect solution for every virtual teaching scenario.

At Jabra, we understand that the learning happens where the teachers are.


Tick tech off their list of distractions.

Staying engaged and focused can be hard enough for students at the best of times. For virtual learning to be effective, you can’t afford for the tools you use to be adding to their list of distractions.

With Jabra PanaCast, students get a front row seat to their class, from the comfort of their home. Outstanding wall-to-wall video ensures that their whole classroom is visible, while our Evolve2 30 headset offers them unrivaled professional-grade call quality. So every student can be fully present and engaged, and there’s nothing standing in the way of their learning.

Jabra brings the education to everyone. Everywhere.

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